No.9 November 2016

Energy as basis for the cardiovascular system performance

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As might be seen, our Journal is a theme-oriented publication so that each issue offers concentrated materials targeting a certain topic. The present publication is treating the very topical problem: it is energy of the heart.


Interview with Vyacheslav Tyutyunnik

Sometimes history offers very interesting facts which induce thoughts to consider everything. I am sure a story presented herein will not leave anyone among our readers indifferent.

Simple association of the genetic code with hexagrams of the Book of Changes (I Ching)

Article 'Simple association of the genetic code and hexagrams of the Book of Changes (I Ching)' is based on the provisions of previous paper 'The genetic code as a structure of the Five elements in Chinese philosophy' where the hypothesis regarding the principles of formation of digrams and trigrams in Chinese philosophy are proposed.
Short report

Energetic criteria of lymphocytes in evaluation of efficacy of system processes correction under oncopathology

The activity of key ferments in the Krebs cycle (SDH) and glycolysis (α-GPDH) in peripheral blood lymphocytes in animals and humans with cancer pathology is considered herein. Identified is a close relationship between the fermentative activity and non-specific integral reactions of an organism, the type of which can be regulated by factors of electromagnetic nature. Monitoring of signal energetic and adaptive reactions permits to adequately evaluate an efficacy of treatment and predict recovery.

Determining role of cyclicity in cosmic and natural processes for formation of energy figures in Chinese Classical Zhen Jiu Therapy

The article covers the questions of cosmic and natural phenomena, identity, cyclic nature and parallelism of their constant changes. The authors regard it as a starting point for giving definitions to fundamental terms in Canon of Changes (Yi jing) which is a methodological basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The Elements of life

Article 'Elements of Life' offers a hypothesis about the relationship of the phenomenon of traditional Chinese medicine with the physical laws. It shows the principle of forming a sequence of daily activity of the acupuncture meridians as a consequence of the Doppler effect in the process of flowing around the planet Earth by cosmic wind (by Ether).

Novel formula to measure mean pulmonary artery pressure

Mean Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (MPAP) is an important parameter in evaluation of patients with pulmonary hypertension. The aim of this study is to correlate a new formula using non-invasive blood pressure and Bernoulli’s right ventricle systolic pressure (RVSP) with invasive method.

The genetic code as a structure of the Five Elements in Chinese philosophy

Article 'The genetic code as a structure of the Five elements in Chinese philosophy'' hypothesizes about the structure of the formation of the DNA codons as a reflection of wave processes in nature.

Energetically optimal nonstationary mode of flow along tube with constant and time-varying radius

Derived is a new modification of hydrodynamic equations of viscous incompressible fluid flowing along the tube with radius changing in time. Obtained are exact non-stationary solutions of these equations generalizing a well-known classic stationary solution for Hagen–Poiseuille flow in the tube with radius constant in time.

The new method of online extra heart beats detection based on analytical spectra mutual correlation

The paper is devoted to research and development of a new, based on Multiscale Correlation Analysis method of PVC (premature ventricular complexes) extra beats and SPB (supraventricular premature beats) online detection.
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