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As might be seen, our Journal is a theme-oriented publication so that each issue offers concentrated materials targeting a certain topic. The present publication is treating the very topical problem: it is energy of the heart.

Similar paradoxes are often found in the conventional theory of cardiology because of lack of adequate theoretical models of hemodynamic processes. The hemodynamic parameters are described in the conventional concepts in the most antiquated way so that it hinders their proper use in practice. The same is the case with the existing standards in ECG diagnostics which are based on experience evidence only and show essential inconsistencies, too. In everyday practice, legal but not physical nature of these parameters prevails.

We invited some experts to submit their detailed suggestions and opinions related to this specific topic. Let’s hope we are broadly in line with the readership expectations. Our intention is to provide herein some research matters to the duly consideration and discussion. We think it might be useful in practice, while a number of theoretical and practical questions need some clarification.

A thought-provoking interview is opening this Journal release.

We should remember those scientists and researchers who dedicated their lives to science. We also should remember that we are freely enjoying the use of unique advancements made at the cost of many lives of those scientists and researchers who paid a high price for their success. The story presented in the interview is very exciting for everyone. The publication should be treated as a tribute to the scientists’ bravery. At the same time, it gives rise to understanding of how little we know of the physiology of a human and its capabilities.

So, don’t delay! Let’s read the Journal! And we wish health and success in research to all our readers!

Your letters and responses are very much appreciated by us.

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