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The genetic code as a structure of the Five Elements in Chinese philosophy

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Article 'The genetic code as a structure of the Five elements in Chinese philosophy' hypothesizes about the structure of the formation of the DNA codons as a reflection of wave processes in nature. The paper shows the relationship of elements of Chinese philosophy (in the interpretation of previous work 'Elements of Life') with the structure of the DNA codons. The hypothesis is proposed that formation of the vortex tube of DNA goes under a hydrodynamic effect of stream of ideal liquid (Ether) when liquid flows around the primer of DNA's chain. It is shown the scheme of activation of DNA codons as a result of order of natural oscillations during a day on the base of their correlation with the structure of Elements in Chinese philosophy. A version of the correlation of each nitrogenous base in the codon with a certain meridian of traditional Chinese medicine on the basis of their spectral matching is represented. This assumption establishes the properties of each nitrogenous base, depending on its position in the codon and such correlation solves the problem of redundancy of amino acids encoding options.


Sergey P. Fedotov. The genetic code as a structure of the Five Elements in Chinese philosophy. Cardiometry; Issue 9; November 2016; p. 21-31; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2016.9.2131 Available from:


DNA spectrum,  Vortex tube,  Spiral,  Codon,  Triplet
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