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The new method of online extra heart beats detection based on analytical spectra mutual correlation

* Corresponding author

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The paper is devoted to research and development of a new, based on Multiscale Correlation Analysis method of PVC (premature ventricular complexes) extra beats and SPB (supraventricular premature beats) online detection. It is shown that for ECG, where a signal has a form of repeated pulses, the instruments previously developed by the authors and called the analytical spectra technique are highly effective. The results of the PVC/SPB detection for real ECG recordings from standard MIT-BIH and SADB databases are briefly summarized in the last section and characterized in some conclusions.


Viacheslav E. Antsiperov, Dmitry V. Rastyagaev, Vladimir A. Zernov. The new Method of Online Extra Heart Beats Detection based on Analytical Spectra Mutual Correlation. Cardiometry; Issue 9; November 2016; p.77-80; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2016.9.7780; Available from:


Biomedical signal processing,  ECG monitoring and analysis,  Heart rate variability,  Premature extra beats,  Computer aided diagnosis,  Multiscale correlation analysis,  Analytical spectra
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