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We should mention that Cardiometry is a fine diagnostics tool to assess heart life expectancy. Our experts, using Cardiocode in “red zones” in intensive care units, have confirmed effectiveness of noninvasive measuring of the hemodynamics data on the cardiovascular system performance in critical patients with different severity degrees.


The metabolism rationale for applying of succinate-based compositions to maintain high performance in a human organism

Design of an effective succinate-based agent for the use in sports has required a profound analysis of the main action mechanisms of the agent in question. Our paper reflects basic principles, which are decisive for the design of the offered succinate-based agent to increase the organism performance and the rate of recovery after intensive physical loading.
Original research

The importance of the study of central hemodynamics using volumetric compression oscillometry in clinical practice: resolved and unresolved issues

The article discusses the promising possibilities of using the method of volumetric compression oscillometry in clinical practice, which allows to simultaneously determining 20 indicators of central hemodynamics.
Original research

Signal morphological criteria for cardiotoxicity in breast cancer chemotherapy

The aim of this work is to study the structure of solid-state films of blood serum in patients with breast cancer at the stages of their chemotherapeutic treatment to identify signal criteria for cardiotoxicity.

Polynomial filtering of low- and high- frequency noise for improving the accuracy of ECG signal processing: new advancements

The article describes a solution of the ECG signal processing problem in the presence of low- and high- frequency noises, which reduce the accuracy of selection of the signal informative parameters during their processing.
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Rose Angina Score can really estimate myocardial perfusion scan results in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients?

TCardiovascular diseases are among the most important causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. There are different risk factors explained for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus (DM) is notable among them.
Original research

Cardio-oсulometric indicators of psychophysiological readiness of students to examinations

Cardio-oсulometric indicators to grade psychophysiological readiness of students to examinations are described herein. Given is an experimental evidence that transitions from a low level of psychophysiological readiness of students to examinations to a high level of such readiness thereto is really accompanied by significant changes in the organism performance, first of all, in that of the heart.
Original research

Cardiometric evidence data on human self-control of emotional states in the context of the use of metaphoric associative cards

The paper presents our experimental evidence of validity of our hypothesis that definite, substantively different, psychophysiological states of a human individual can be really fixed with the use of metaphoric associative cards, and that transitions from one psychophysiological state to another are accompanied by significant changes in the performance of the human organism, and, first of all, in the performance of the heart.

The study of hemodynamics in critical patients under intensive care unit conditions

Studies of hemodynamics in critical patients under intensive care unit conditions have been a very difficult task until now [1]. There are a number of reasons for that. No instruments capable of noninvasively recording data on hemodynamics and metabolism, as well as the cardiovascular system performance, could be used.
Original research

Review of the recommender systems application in cardiology

The article provides a review of the recommender systems application in medical field, cardiology, in particular. The concept of recommender systems is defined, the brief history of the recommender systems development is given.
Original research

Effects produced by automated plasmapheresis on morphofunctional data on cardiovascular system performance in ischemic heart disease patients

We have performed the study of the effects made by the automated plasmapheresis application on ischemic heart disease clinical manifestations, echocardiographic indices and heart rate variability in patients with exertional angina III-IV functional class.
Original research

Personal profile of systemic hemodynamics in solving global problems of public health

The study of systemic hemodynamics has been conducted in individuals who suffer from arterial hypertension. Regularities of formation of the personal profiles of the systemic hemodynamics have been determined in this category of patients.
Original research

Assessment of system-related hemodynamics and tissue hydration in female patients with preeclampsia

Hypertension disorders are reported to cover up to 10% of pregnancies in the world. It is precisely the arterial hypertension that is the leading cause of developing serious complications, long-term invalidation and high maternal and infant mortality rates. In the context of the maternal mortality, preeclampsia may be attributed to 25% of all lethal outcomes.
Original research

Evaluation of general repolarization of cardiomyocites with biphasic pulses of different shapes

The paper presents an analysis of advanced shapes of biphasic pulses, which have found a widespread application and have been clinically tested. The aim is to study the main parameters of the impact of different shapes of the existing pulses and their due consideration in a development of a defibrillator.

Effects produced by electrode characteristics on the accuracy of formation of electrical cardiac signal parameters

Our results of analyzing effects made by electrode characteristics on the accuracy of the ECG signal parameters formation are presented herein. Analyzed is a correlation between the measured characteristics of the electrodes and a probability value that determines accuracy of the ECG signal parameters formation.
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