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Rose Angina Score can really estimate myocardial perfusion scan results in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients?

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Cardiovascular diseases are among the most important causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. There are different risk factors explained for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus (DM) is notable among them. There are different modalities for diagnosis and risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) but considering high price and low accessibility of this modality we decided to assess any possible association between MPI findings and Rose angina score (RAS) in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients.

Materials and methods

In this descriptive-analytic study we enrolled 585 diabetic and non-diabetic patients with angina pectoris referred to nuclear medicine department of Shahid Sadoughi hospital, Yazd, Iran for MPI. Patients demographic information along with MPI results and Rose angina questionnaire were obtained. Data were finally analyzed using SPSS ver.21 software using appropriate statistical tests.


In this study, there were 294 diabetic and 291 non diabetic patients enrolled. 61.9% of non-diabetic patients had normal MPI results but this amount was only 38.8% among diabetic patients. Our study population did not differ based on age, gender and Rose angina score between diabetic and non-diabetic patients. Our results indicate that there is a statistically significant association between RAS and MPI findings in both diabetic (P-value=0.001) and non-diabetic (P-value=0.001) patients.


In present study we found a significant association between simple RAS questionnaire and MPI findings. We do not deny high accuracy and diagnostic value of MPI but we want to focus on clinical judgement of physicians prior to imaging modalities. We believe that in many cases, with a good clinical assessment such as RAS, many unnecessary and expensive modalities can be avoided.


Nasim Namiranian, Aryan Naghedi, Narges Soltani, Reza Nafisi Moghadam, Amir Pasha Amel Shahbaz, Seid Kazem Razavi-Ratki. Rose Angina Score can really estimate myocardial perfusion scan results in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients?. Cardiometry; Issue 16; May 2020; p.111-116; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2020.16.111116; Available from:


Rose angina score,  Rose angina questionnaire,  Diabetes mellitus,  Myocardial perfusion scan,  Cardiovascular disease,  Coronary artery disease,  Ischemia
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