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Assessment of system-related hemodynamics and tissue hydration in female patients with preeclampsia

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Hypertension disorders are reported to cover up to 10% of pregnancies in the world. It is precisely the arterial hypertension that is the leading cause of developing serious complications, long-term invalidation and high maternal and infant mortality rates. In the context of the maternal mortality, preeclampsia may be attributed to 25% of all lethal outcomes. Preeclampsia occupies the second place in the maternal mortality structure. Multifetal pregnancy is a risk factor for developing of preeclampsia. The given study has been designed to obtain main data measured in pregnant patients experiencing preeclampsia. The obtained data have been compared with parameters showing changes in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and biochemistry data in singleton versus multifetal pregnancies. Our study has shown that arterial hypertension in multifetal pregnancies may develop due to some factors not typical of preeclampsia pathogenesis. As a result, we may assume that establishing diagnosis Preeclampsia on the basis of arterial hypertention alone may involve an inaccuracy. Therefore, in making the proper diagnostics to differentiate between preeclampsia and other causes of arterial hypertension, it is reasonable to use some additional examination techniques like an impedance measuring method. The hemodynamic data collected therewith can be effectively used in selection of the most suitable hypotensive therapy and adjustment of infusion therapy.


Nikolay N. Chernov, Aleksandr A. Bezverkhii. Assessment of system-related hemodynamics and tissue hydration in female patients with preeclampsia. Cardiometry; Issue 16; May 2020; р.62-66; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2020.16.6266; Available from:


Preeclampsia,  Hemodynamics,  Tissue hydration,  Intraabdominal hypertension,  Arterial hypertension,  Multifetal pregnancy
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