Original research

Review of the recommender systems application in cardiology

* Corresponding author



The article provides a review of the recommender systems application in medical field, cardiology, in particular. The concept of recommender systems is defined, the brief history of the recommender systems development is given. The main types of recommender systems and principles of their construction are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of the recommender system methods application in cardiology are identified. Methods for improving the recommender systems are proposed.


Konstantin V. Kamyshev, Viktor M. Kureichik, Ilya M. Borodyanskiy. Review of the recommender systems application in cardiology. Cardiometry; Issue 16; May 2020; p.97-105; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2020.16.97105; Available from: http://www.cardiometry.net/issues/no16-may-2020/recommender-systems-application-in-cardiology


Recommender system,  Filtering,  Collaborative,  Content,  Hybrid,  Information retrieval,  MRS,  PEHC
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