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Effects of total table salt restriction on blood pressure

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of total omission of dietary salt intake on BP.

Materials and methods

The effects of total omission on the consumption of dietary salt over the BP, were evaluated for this study in a group of 30 hypertensive patients between 40-60 years old, uncontrolled, with monotherapy with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor antagonists. BP was recorded over three days at the same time, according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association for correct BP measurement in humans. The average of the three registers measurement was taken as baseline for comparison of the data. The only intervention was the total restriction of table salt and sauces with salt. The patients were followed monthly during the first five months recording BP under the same conditions that basal measurement, after this, were indicated to all the patients the consumption of salt 5g/day (provided by the researchers) and were followed for another five months in the same measurement conditions above.


Total restriction of consumption of dietary salt caused highly significant reduction (P>0.0001) of SBP, which was progressive and was evident from the first week of follow up. In addition, caused a decrease in DBP during the first week of monitoring, but that effect was not continuous, and no significant decrease in DBP was observed during follow-up (P 0.0662).

Discussion and сonclusions

We recommend that a minimum restriction to 5g/day would be ideal in this population group.


Francisco Jose Chacon-Lozsan, Juan Sebastian Peinado-Acevedo. Effects of total table salt restriction on blood pressure; Cardiometry; No.6; November 2015; p.96-103; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2015.6.96103 Available from:


Hypertension,  Sodium chloride,  Blood pressure,  Diet,  Sodium dietary
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