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As distinct from the previous issues, the present one is devoted to the therapy. It is logical because an adequate therapy should follow an accurate diagnosis. We cannot consider the cardiovascular system and its performance as an isolated item. The same is applicable to the other physiological organs and systems in an organism.

Everything is interrelated, interconnected or interlinked with each other. Therefore, the system therapy, - and this issue is devoted to this challenging concept, - is the very important factor to maintain the normal hemodynamics and the proper performance of the heart and the blood vessels in the human organism.

Our current issue deals with fundamental theoretical and applied aspects of the activation therapy. Everyone knows what is stress and how it affects the heart. It is also well known that H. Selye was the pioneer who described stress influences on complex of changes in the organism. However, we think of particular value is the contribution of L. Garkavi and her colleagues, first of all, E. Kvakina and M. Ukolova, to a better understanding of all the variety of the responses by an organism to external and internal stimuli. They have succeeded in creating a new science: the activation therapy. A lot of the credit must go to this research group who has discovered new laws, created the relevant axiomatic system and originated the logics for an analysis of applicable qualitative and quantitative indicators.

The Periodic System of the Organism States developed by L. Garkavi is really unique. Everyone who becomes familiar with her System realizes that its importance cannot be too strongly emphasized. Suffice it to say that, as with the case with chemistry, the further development of which is unthinkable without D.I. Mendeleev’s Periodic System of Chemical Elements, the same should be predicted for medicine which cannot advance without L.K. Garkavi’s Periodic System of the Organism States. Millions of different internal and external factors influence our organism everywhere and anytime, but the organism always responds by generating only five reactions, completely described by L.K. Garkavi. The use of the activation therapy in treatment of cardiovascular diseases significantly increases treatment efficacy because of a therapy effect produced by the organism itself, under involvement of the organism natural, the most efficient, reactions. Under the activation therapy, the performance of the immune system in the organism is provided in the most perfect way. It is especially evident in sports medicine and critical care. Therefore we believe some activation therapy practices described herein would be of interest for our readership.

The present issue highlights not only scientific aspects of the discoveries, but it is also concerned with the researchers’ life. It is thrilling to learn more about brilliant researchers who have made great discoveries in science. L.K. Garkavi being one of the brilliant creative persons belongs to the cohort of outstanding scientists, and it is the matter of fact that her research contribution has been recognized throughout the world.

We are sure the activation therapy will be a useful tool for many cardiologists for finding solutions on some hot issues they are facing in their everyday’s practice. We wish you every success in learning more about the scientific breakthroughs and discoveries!

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