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About Lyubov Garkavi

Lyubov Mikhailovna Garkavi’s research opened a new scientific field based on the discovery of Pattern of development of qualitatively differing general unspecific adaptational reactions of the organism / Scientific Discovery Registration Certificate No. 158 issued by the Committee on Inventions and Discoveries at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 1975). Her colleagues, companions and both friends E.B. Kvakina and M.A. Ukolova were among the co-authors of the discovery. The above mentioned triumvirate had a powerful creative potential, and every scientific team member, demonstrating the best individual qualities, has contributed to an improvement and a refinement of the joint research work results. The original mechanism of the scientific co-operation and co-authorship was built upon Lyubov Mikhailovna’s fine intuition, flash response & feedback ability, creative inspiration to compel her colleagues to bring ideas into fruition, and high motivation to trigger creative activity in science; the unique mechanism of scientific collaboration joined the encyclopedic knowledge of Elena Borisovna accompanied by her thorough selection of literature, capability of ordering ideas and texts and systemacy and a deep philosophical basis of Maria Alexandrovna supported by her methodogy techniques, outstanding diplomatic qualities & skills and a wide social network in science as well. Each of these bright individualities has made a great contribution to the advancement of the discovery, which has become an important milestone in the development of the modern Russian national scientific school of physiology to continue the high scientific traditions of Pavlov, Sechenov, Speransky and other great scientists who worked in Russia.
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