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The topics of the current issue cover creation of artificial heart: both engineering and ethics. Primarily it should be noted that our idea is to consider these problems not in the context of the latest technological advancements accompanied by a further definition of problems of this sort, but basically by shaping a discussion what research should be performed for this purpose at next stages.

CARDIOMETRY has already made a significant contribution to the proper understanding of how the cardiovascular system functions. Gaining a more penetrating insight into all the particulars and specifics in the cardiac performance, and first and foremost into the anatomic design of the heart, builds a confidence that the heart is treatable even under most severe disease conditions. However this does not necessarily mean that we should give up developing of artificial heart or its components.

We hope scientists can find herein a lot of useful information. Some of them who are engaged on scientific research and development of artificial heart will be capable of better evaluating their activity level. For others this issue will provide means for tackling challenges they are facing in their studies and investigations.

It should be stressed that the aims of our journal are not only presentation of a new knowledge, but more likely assistance in applying of principles of scientific thinking. We are sure that establishing of an advanced expert community who will apply classical natural law methodology in medical research can really support medical practitioners in finding evidence for scientific discoveries and offering an explanation for factual data which were not unambiguously interpretable in the past. Moreover, what we really need is recruiting young scientist generation for use of the classical principles of the methodology and the culture of scientific thinking.

We wish you success in all your future endeavors!

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