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Protein system of bacillus anthracis antigens


In our research work, we have considered the structures of some anthrax antigens, their design and functions, as well as the genetic apparatus encoding them. The study is of interest to those practicing microbiologists and researchers whose area of interest includes knowledge of the regulation of infection processes and subsequent transformations of Bacillus anthracis spores in the host organism. Pathways for the expression of B. anthracis pathogenic genes, the factors influencing them, as well as ways to use patterns in gene expression to increase the immunization in experimental animals by combining various experimental vaccines, which are currently used in preventive practice in different countries of the world and in particular in the Russian Federation, are considered in detail herein. In addition, the article may be of interest to scientists and researchers conducting research in the field of creating new immunizing agents based either on the anthrax genome or some parts thereof.


Aleksandr V. Tsekhomsky, Angelina S. Balchevskaya. Protein system of bacillus anthracis antigens. Cardiometry; Issue 27; May 2023; p.80-85; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2023.27.8085; Available from:


Bacillus anthracis,   Anthrax,   Antigen,   Exotaxin,   Protein system
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