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Why do employees leave? A study on employee’ psychology and its influence on engagement and organizational politics

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In today’s VUCA world, companies are trying very hard to increase their overall organizational performance, which can majorly be possible if they are well engaged. It helps in increasing the productivity, as well overall morale of the workforce. However, increased turnover intentions are one of the major problems faced by organizations. This study aims to understand why employees leave and what impact engagement has on the employees’ turnover intentions. It shall also consider the role of perceived organizational politics. In order to understand what causes turnover intention in the pharma sector, we made use of a finely structured questionnaire to collect the responses. The respondents are employees from the pharma industry. We used the statistical tests namely, correlation, ANOVA, regression, to understand what influences turnover intentions. Findings: This study will analyze why employees leave and if employee engagement or organizational politics directly relates to turnover intention. Understanding why employees leave will help the management in devising engagement strategies, which would help decrease the overall turnover rate and enhance the employees’ job satisfaction levels. Engagement levels within the organization should be assessed by conducting annual surveys. Keeping organizational politics in check will also promote job satisfaction. It is an original study, which currently focuses on the pharma sector. However, this can be applied to others as well.


Rashmi Shenoy, Pooja Sharma. Why do employees leave? A study on employee’ psychology and its influence on engagement and organizational politics. Cardiometry; Issue 23; August 2022; p.423-432; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.23.423432; Available from:


Employee engagement,  Turnover intention,  Perceived organizational politics,  Job satisfaction,  Engagement levels
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