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An intensification of sustainable eco-friendly sisal fiber crafts in healthcare industry

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India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage provide a unique and huge resource for developing craft products. India is one of the important suppliers of handicrafts to the world market. The industry is mostly spread in rural and urban areas, highly labor-intensive, and cottage-based decentralized industry. Many artisans, on a part-time basis, are involved in the crafts work. In addition, many Governmental and non-governmental organizations are engaged creating income opportunities for these artisans. Few of them are engaged in women empowerment programs, developing training programs for women to make them self-reliant and independent learners. In today’s world, all are talking about sustainability. Many artisans are engaged in making eco-friendly and sustainable crafts from various natural materials when it comes to handicrafts. Natural fibers play a very important role in the production of the handicraft industry in India. The crafts like baskets, carpets, wall hangings, bottle holders, bags and accessories, home décor items, and many more are made using natural fibers like jute, banana, coir, sisal, bamboo, etc. The present paper will explain the procedures used for manufacturing these crafts using natural Sisal fiber. The data has been collected from various organizations for the process and methods used to manufacture these crafts. Producing a craft using natural material and eco-friendly processes helps in reducing the carbon footprint (the number of greenhouse gases, mostly CO2 released into the atmosphere by any activity) and makes the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly. Many Indian handicrafts and artisans have incorporated the ideology of eco-friendly fashion and contributing to reducing the environmental impact of these handcrafted products. Natural fibers are promoted in large quantities for making handicrafts. The growing popularity of fiber crafts is following the huge demand for Eco-friendly products throughout the world. Fibers extracted from bananas, sisal, Pina, and jute are mainly used to produce crafts.


Rasika Bhoj. An intensification of sustainable eco-friendly sisal fiber crafts in healthcare industry. Cardiometry; Issue 23; August 2022; p.310-318; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.23.310318; Available from:


Healthcare,  Natural fibers,  Sisal,  Sustainability,  Eco-friendly
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