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Consumption of Salt in Patients Suffering from Heart Failure

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Heart failure is the deadliest medical emergency condition and considered as a global health priority. In order to prevent heart failure disease and death caused by heart failure, the healthcare professionals spreading the awareness among the public. Till now, effective curing of heart failure is still not possible but if patients treated well then it can improve quality of life and survival. Many healthcare professionals recommend taking sodium (in the form of salt) by the heart failure patients. But the consumption of sodium in heart failure patients is still a debatable topic among the healthcare professionals. How much quantity of salt patients’ needs to take is still a question. Excessive salt consumption can cause hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy and less salt consumption is illogically linked with the poorer heart failure results. This overview discussed about the merits as well as demerits related to the consumption of salt in patients suffering from heart failure.


Jyotirmaya Sahoo, Sonika Verma, Tanmay Goswami. Consumption of Salt in Patients Suffering from Heart Failure. Cardiometry; Issue 23; August 2022; p.816-819; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.23.816819; Available from:


Heart failure,  Morbidity,  Mortality,  Prevalence,  Salt,  Sodium
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