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Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of a local hemostatic agent modified with a bio-organic composition

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Constant attention to the study of the experience of using hemostatic products proposed for local bleeding arrest encourages new developments in this field. Modern hemostatics are porous multilayer systems with an inclusion of active coagulants. The results of the assessment of hemostatic activity obtained with the help of clinical and laboratory methods often do not lend themselves to cross-checking and statistical processing, and do not allow us to study objects with different physical and chemical properties. Methods of chemometrics, namely planimetry, allow you to visualize the parameters of sorption and hemocoagulation activity. A comparative planimetric study of commercial local hemostatic agents like Celox powder, sponges and napkins of various companies, zeolite powder, as well as new hemostatic compositions, which were given provisionally label A52 and A58, was carried out. It is shown that the hemostatic composition labeled as A52 leads to the activation of absorbent materials, the formation of a stable volumetric primary and secondary thrombus. A comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of a new hemostatic agent in an acute experiment shows a high expression of hemostasis (the time of primary hemostasis is 15-20 seconds) and no recurrence of bleeding for the studied samples compared to the reference.


Elena V. Budko, Leonid M. Yampolsky, Darya A. Chernikova, Anatoly A. Khabarorv. Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of a local hemostatic agent modified with a bio-organic composition. Cardiometry; Issue 18; May 2021; p.100-112; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.18.100112; Available from:


Local hemostatic agent,  Hemostatic sponge,  Hemocoagulating activity,  Rabbits,  Venous-arterial bleeding
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