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Motivational interactive prevention in outpatients with ischemic heart disease

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Working women suffering from ischemic heart disease (IHD), who receive ambulance cardiology treatment, have completed their training course at our Health School (HS), and their medical examination data have been compared with those in the reference group representing women with IHD, employed by the same enterprise, who have not attended HS. The training course program has included 5 training lessons, 60 minutes each. The educational training material was presented in the interactive form. To monitor the state in the trained outpatients within one year, used were telehealth technologies including teleconsultation sessions held every week. The clinical effect was monitored and assessed upon expiration of 12 months with the use of the respective closing medical examination. It has been found that in the HS group outpatients the levels of arterial pressure, total cholesterol and scores of anxiety depression syndrome are much lower than those identified in the reference group. The adherence to the administered therapy in the reference group was recorded to be less than 50%. It is reported that the implementation of the motivational prevention program has demonstrated its feasibility for the Employer: the cost effect has been assessed as the return rate at the level of Rbl. 1,4 per Rbl of investment not only due to reduction in paid sick leaves, but also due to an increase in labor productivity.


Natalia А. Koryagina, Grigoriy N. Spasenkov, Aleksey V. Avdeev, Sofia G. Shulkina, Vladimir S. Koryagin. Motivational interactive prevention in outpatients with ischemic heart disease. Cardiometry; Issue 18; May 2021; p.87-91; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.18.8791; Available from:


Health School,  Ischemic heart disease,  Women,  Cost effectiveness,  Motivational interactive prevention
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