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The main focus of this issue of our journal is Cardiometry, which has been developed as a new fundamental science found nowadays in a widespread use. The concept of Cardiometry, integrating its original diagnostics capabilities and effective therapy possibilities, has been successfully translated into an advanced technology capable of changing the routine in public healthcare. We are proud to say that this advanced technology is already available on all continents across the globe.

This issue outlines exciting and numerous possibilities offered by Cardiometry. Our Readership can find some key reports stating the amazing aims formulated by Cardiometry: a fresh interpretation of the physiological mechanisms of ageing, which deteriorate quality of human life.

We also publish some unique results obtained in the COVID-19 diagnostics and therapy on the basis of the application of the advanced cardiometric technology. In this connection, it should be mentioned that the merits of this express-type technology are easiness in use and effectiveness.

There is one more topical issue which may attract your attention: the pioneering report to outline the basics of low-intensity electromagnetic field therapy. The developers of this pioneering technique and equipment have identified the required parameters thereof based on the ECG data processing, and, upon involvement of the theory of adaptation reactions by a human organism, they have converted the identified parameters into some specific EMF frequencies, which produce their favorable effects on the human organism in therapy in an absolutely safe manner.

We continue publishing other high-level research reports dedicated to revealing some mechanisms of responses by the heart and circulatory system to a variety of pathological processes.

We expect that this issue might be thrilling and that your reports will be submitted to our journal, why not?

Sincerely yours, Editorial Board Cardiometry

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