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Cardiorespiratory system in female students when adapting to university studies

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The article describes the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in female students in the process of their adaptation to educational activities. The process of study of female students at a higher educational institution is accompanied by a decrease in the indicators of the cardiovascular system performance, so that the value of systolic blood pressure in the 2nd year female students is roughly significantly lower than that recorded in the 1st year of their study. The minimum pressure level, 116.8 mm Hg (P<0.05), is detected in the 2nd year female students against 122.88 mm Hg revealed in the first year group of the female students. In the process of the girls' adaptation to their educational activities, there is a gradual increase in the vital capacity of lungs (VCL) with the maximum level of 3.11 l (P<0.02) in the fourth year of the study, while the lowest value, 2.66, is found in the first-year female students. The value of the inspiratory reserve volume (IRV) significantly increases by the third and fourth year of the study. IRV is recorded to reach 1.47 l (P<0.05) in the 3rd year of study, 1.46 (P<0.01) in the 4th, and 1.24 in the 1st year of the study, respectively. Studying at a university reduces the expiratory reserve volume to 0.76 l by the second year, by the third and fourth years it increases to 0.94 and 1.08 (P<0.001), while in the first year it is reported to be 0.80.


Vakha A. Anzorov, Svetlana V. Moryakina. Cardiorespiratory system in female students when adapting to university studies. Cardiometry; Issue 18; May 2021; p.82-86; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.18.8286; Available from:


Study,  Adaptation,  Heart rate,  Arterial blood pressure,  Tidal volume and lung capacity
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