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Impact of the academic performance grades on the blood picture in female students

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The paper presents the blood picture patterns in female students with different average academic performance grades in their record book. An improvement in the academic performance of female students is accompanied by a significant decrease in the concentration of neutrophils, a significant increase in the level of lymphocytes and minor changes in other blood parameters. Thus, the level of neutrophils experiences a gradual decrease, reaching its minimum of 57.7% (P<0.02) in girls who has performance grade A and 66.2 in case of grade C. The number of lymphocytes in girls with the highest academic performance grades in the record book is recorded to be 33.6% (P<0.05), while in those with the minimum acceptable performance grade it is found to be 26.1%. The level of platelets increases up to 320.8 thousand per microliter (mcL) of blood in the girls with academic performance grade B, decreases to 296.4 in case of grade A, and it is reported to reach 287.0 for those with academic performance grade C.


Vakha A. Anzorov, Svetlana V. Moryakina. Impact of the academic performance grades on the blood picture in female students. Cardiometry; Issue 18; May 2021; p.77-81; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.18.7781; Available from:


Academic performance,  Erythrocytes,  Hemoglobin,  Leukocytes,  Platelets
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