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Prospects for the use of neural networks in cardiometry

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This paper provides an overview of the use of neural network technology in cardiology, primarily in diagnostics using ECG. The aim of this work is to substantiate the use of artificial neural network technology in cardiometry, as a field of science that is closely related to cardiology, but differs from it in the wider use of natural science approaches. The definition of machine learning is given, and the concept of artificial neural networks as one of the methods of machine learning is defined. The mechanism of electrocardiogram recording is described and methods of its analysis are considered. The types of neural networks used for electrocardiograms processing are revealed. The prospects of using the neural network method for processing the data obtained during cardiometric studies are determined.


Konstantin V. Kamyshev, Viktor M. Kureichik, Ilya M. Borodyanskiy, Evgenie Y. Bersenev. Prospects for the use of neural networks in cardiometry. Cardiometry; Issue 17; November 2020; p.85-91; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2020.17.8591; Available from:


Artificial neural network,  ECG,  Cardiometry
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