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The pattern of the immune processes during activation therapy with the use of microwave electromagnetic radiation

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The mechanisms of anti-tumor action of low intensity factors of activation therapy remain little investigated. The aim of the present paper is to study the changes in the immune system organs, the state of blood leukocytes and tumor area under effective activation therapy in tumor-bearing animals using EMR microwave range. The research is relevant due to the immune processes influence on cardiovascular system performance.

Materials and methods

In experiments on 77 albino outbred male rats with inoculated sarcoma-45 and Pliss lymphosarcoma tumors low intensity EMR of microwave and EHF ranges with bioeffective frequencies has been used as an activation therapy factor. The structural-functional changes in the immune system organs, some indices of blood leukocyte activity, composition of immune cells infiltrating tumors when inhibiting their growth and regression have been studied. Besides, the signs of intercellular interactions with participation of leukocytes in the tumor area have been considered.


The pronounced anti-tumor effects in the studied EMRs are related to their anti-stressor action and, as a rule, accompanied by an increase in lymphoproliferative activity and intercellular interactions in thymus and spleen. Under the effect of microwave resonance radiation (1 GHz) noted are changes in blood lymphocytes activity, which precede the tumor regression beginning, as well as numerous contacts between malignant cells and leukocytes in regressing tumors. Peculiarities of large tumors regression and changes in thymus and state of blood lymphocytes, NK cells, monocytes and neutrophils influenced by modulated EHF EMR are described.


Immune mechanisms of anti-tumor effects in the studied EMR microwave ranges as activation therapy factors may be related to the following basic processes: increase in tumor cell differentiation under the effect of the immune cell factors, development of the antigen presentation processes and effective destruction of tumor cells by apoptosis induction, cytotoxic action of natural killer cells, macrophages and other immune system cells and their factors.


Galina V. Zhukova, Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Tatiana A. Barteneva, Marina I. Bragina, Tatiana N. Gudtskova, Vladimir M. Petrosyan, Elena A. Shirnina, Elena Yu. Zlatnik, Elena P. Korobeinikova. The pattern of the immune processes during activation therapy with the use of microwave electromagnetic radiation. Cardiometry; Issue 11; November 2017; p.35–45; DOI: 10.12710/cardio­metry.2017.11.3545; Available from:


Activation therapy,  Microwave range electromagnetic radiation,  Inoculated tumor,  Antitumor effect,  Immune processes,  Thymus,  Leukocytes
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