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Influence of postoperative magnetotherapy on homeostasis central regulation efficiency

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The aim of the present research is to study the dynamics of bioelectric markers of the CNS functional state in lung cancer patients during an early postoperative period for the purpose of evaluation of the conducted magnetotherapy adaptive and correcting effects.

Materials and methods

25 lung cancer male patients have been examined. The reference group patients received a standard postoperative therapy, while in the main group it has been accompanied by the complex modulated ultra low frequency magnetic field exposure applied to the occipital area. Before the operation and 10 days after it in all the patients EEGs have been recorded unipolarly, according to system “10/20” as well as the galvanic skin resistance measured in reference points using the R. Voll electro-acupuncture method.


It is demonstrated that the postoperative magnetotherapy application in lung cancer patients is accompanied with a significant exceedance of the spatial synchronization values over the corresponding markers only in case of surgical treatment: in alpha band between the central and temporal area in the left hemisphere, and between the similar areas in the right hemisphere; in beta-band between the symmetrical areas in the temporal and central cortex. The observed compensatory-reduction processes in the lung cancer patients brain bioelectric activity correlate to a 1.8 times decrease in the frequency of asymmetries in the galvanic skin resistance values in 2 pairs of hypothalamus reference points, that may indicate a certain improvement in the organism higher vegetative regulation.


Thus, we may assert that the trend to the symmetrization of the spatial synchronization markers and the electro-acupuncture measurement results indicate a better preservation of the CNS functional state in the main group patients, that is the result of the weak low frequency magnetic field anti-stressor and protective effect on the brain.


Tatiana P. Protasova, Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Elena P. Korobeinikova, Lyudmila P. Barsukova, Tatiana G. Airapetova, Yulia Yu. Arapova, Eduard E. Rostorguev. Influence of postoperative magnetotherapy on homeostasis central regulation efficiency. Cardiometry; Issue 11; November 2017; p.71–77; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2017.11.7177; Available from:­therapy


Magnetotherapy,  Ultra low frequency magnetic field,  Brain bioelectric activity,  Cortical biopotential spatial synchronization,  Electro acupuncture,  Hypothalamus,  Homeostasis,  Adaptation,  Lung cancer
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