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In honor and remembrance of Gustav Poyedintsev, the founder of the innovative theory of hemodynamics

Gustav M. Poyedintsev (27 July 1929 – 21 January 2006) was born in Chuguev, Kharkov region, Ukraine. After finishing school he entered Kharkov Aviation Institute. After graduation in the 1950s G. Poyedintsev started to work for the company “Konstruktorskoe Buro Khimavtomatiky” (Design Department for Chemical Industry) in Voronezh. There he started his long-term research work on the scientific problems in the field of fluid mechanics.

G. Poyedintsev developed theoretical foundations of axiomatic fluid dynamics, the new research and development field. Since the end of the 1960s he had been working on the problems connected with fluid dynamics. G. Poyedintsev discovered the unknown before fluid flow mode (later named “the third flow mode”) which is different from the already known laminar flow mode and turbulent flow mode, and is characterized by higher efficiency and specific pattern of the flow.

In 1973 G. Poyedintsev continued his research work in Voronezh branch of the Research Institute for Production Engineering.

In 1981 G. Poyedintsev became the head of the research laboratory “Bionics” engaged in development of the new technical and medicine technologies based on the theory of “the third flow mode” of fluids.

G. Poyedintsev and O. Voronova succeeded in develop ing methods and facilities for modeling the third flow mode in rigid pipes. It was proved that the blood flow through blood vessels is provided in “the third flow mode”, which is the most efficient and predetermines the functional and morphological characteristics of the cardiovascular system. As a result, a mathematical model describing the performance of the cardiovascular system was developed. It became the basis for the new noninvasive measuring method using the phase durations of the cardiac cycle to measure the hemodynamic parameters.

Cooperative work of G. Poyedintsev and O. Voronova with the scientists M. Rudenko and V. Zernov proved to be productive. Since 2002 the research work has been intensively conducted in the Russian New University, Moscow. It resulted in development of the innovative medical device “Cardiocode” used for indirect measuring of volumetric hemodynamic parameters and evaluating the functions of the cardiovascular system.

The great Russian scientist G. Poyedintsev died in 2006. He pioneered in the development of a new scientific field. We persist in the belief that his scientific ideas, now developed by his coauthors and colleagues, will contribute to the further development of science.

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