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Methods and tools for three-dimensional cardiac modeling

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This article explores the use of methods and tools for three-dimensional modeling of the heart with computer-aided design systems. The use of three-dimensional modeling in medicine is a very pressing scientific and engineering problem. The object of study of this work is the process of three-dimensional cardiac modeling with CAD, and the subject of research is methods and means of three-dimensional modeling of the heart. This publication also provides the key elements required to create a 3D computational model of the heart for biophysical modeling. The article discusses some of the difficulties that arise at various stages of developing 3D cardiac modeling. The approaches which are currently available for three-dimensional computer modeling of the heart are briefly described herein.


Alexander V. Yarovoy. Methods and tools for three-dimensional cardiac modeling. Cardiometry; Issue 31; May 2024; p.163-167; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2024.31.163167; Available from:


Biophysical modeling,  Cardiac modeling,  Cardiac image segmentation,  3D graphics,  Visualization,  CAD,  3D modeling
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