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An innovative solution to the problem of hypertension

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The results of the study of hemodynamic parameters in individuals of different age groups, the patterns of their age dynamics and the peculiarities of their influence on the formation of arterial hypo- and hypertension are presented. Based on the systematization of the profiles of systemic hemodynamics, clarifications in the pathogenesis of arterial hypertension are proposed. The rationale for an innovative approach to the choice of antihypertensive therapy, depending on the personal profile of hemodynamic parameters, is given.


Mikhail A. Yakushin, Alexey P. Kudrin, Anna V. Vorobeva, Mikhail D. Vasiliev, Artur R. Gabrielyan, Tatiana I. Yakushina. An innovative solution to the problem of hypertension. Cardiometry; Issue 31; May 2024; p.54-62; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2024.31.5462; Available from:


Arterial hypertension,  Systemic hemodynamics,  Profile of systemic hemodynamics,  Volumetric compression oscillometry,  Antihypertensive drugs
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