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Features of ophthalmological pathologies that occur against the background of neuropsychiatric disorders

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The present study is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between neuropsychiatric disorders and ophthalmological pathologies. The paper provides an overview of the latest scientific data on this problem, with an emphasis on the pathophysiological mechanisms linking both groups of diseases. The mechanisms of the influence of psychological factors, such as stress and anxiety, on the state of the visual system, as well as the influence of changes in neurochemistry and neuroplasticity on the development of ophthalmic diseases are considered. The clinical manifestations of ophthalmological pathologies in patients with various neuropsychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, etc., are analyzed in detail. The results of clinical observations and studies confirming the importance of this relationship are presented. In addition, the article highlights modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological manifestations in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. Psychotherapeutic approaches and rehabilitation methods are considered, taking into account the specifics of the patient's condition.


Liana Sh. Parshoeva, Daria S. Asylkhuzina, Darya P. Podkopaeva, Renata T. Murtazina, Khasambek A. Siriev, Anna S. Neibauer, Mariia R. Klimenkova, Anastasia G. Timan, Aitadzh Yu. Abilgasanli, Aleksandra I. Kotykhova. Features of ophthalmological pathologies that occur against the background of neuropsychiatric disorders. Cardiometry; Issue 31; May 2024; p.127-131; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2024.31.127131; Available from:


Ophthalmological pathologies,  Neurological disorders,  Psychological factors,  Diagnosis,  Rehabilitation
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