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The effect made by the vaginal microbiome on pregnancy outcome


This article considers the effect made by the vaginal microbiome on the outcome of pregnancy. The vaginal microbiome is important for the health of a woman's reproductive system and can affect some critical aspects of pregnancy such as the development of preeclampsia and the likelihood of premature birth. This study is based on an analysis of the composition of the microbiome in pregnant women and the correlation of the data obtained with the outcomes of their pregnancy. The results of the study can help in the development of new approaches to predictive diagnostics and treatment of possible pregnancy complications caused by changes in the vaginal microbiome.


Ekaterina О. Minina, Maria S. Fomenko. The effect made by the vaginal microbiome on pregnancy outcome. Cardiometry; Issue 31; May 2024; p.159-162; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2024.31.159162; Available from:


Vaginal microbiome,  Pregnancy outcome,  Preeclampsia,  Premature birth,  Reproductive health,  Prognostic medicine
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