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Application of robotic systems in neurosurgery: problems and prospects

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The article discusses the features of the use of robotic systems in neurosurgery, as well as emerging problems and prospects in this area. The authors present an overview of the use of robotic systems in the field of neurosurgery, highlighting both current challenges and future prospects of this technology. The current state of neurosurgery is analyzed and a number of problems faced by surgeons are highlighted, including the difficulty of achieving high accuracy of exposure at the microscopic level, problems of access to deeply located or difficult to access areas of the brain, as well as the need to minimize potential risks for patients. The potential of robotic systems in solving these problems is also explored, and the advantages that robotic hardware and software complexes can provide are described in detail, including increased accuracy and predictability of surgical interventions, reduction of invasiveness of procedures, increased navigation capabilities inside the brain, and improved ergonomics for surgeons. In addition, the technical and organizational aspects of the introduction of robotic systems into the practice of neurosurgery are considered, which includes a discussion of equipment requirements, the integration of robotic systems into existing surgical practices, as well as aspects of training and training personnel to use new technologies.


Khasan A. Magamaev, Khuseyn A. Magamaev, Kristina D. Deminskaya, Kamila K. Kadieva, Islam R. Guseinov, Anna S. Zolotar, Anastasia P. Malevanets, Ekaterina E. Meteleva, Magomedsaygid M. Magomedov, Ekaterina A. Alekseeva. Application of robotic systems in neurosurgery: problems and prospects. Cardiometry; Issue 31; May 2024; p.132-137; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2024.31.132137; Available from:


Robotic systems,  Hardware complexes,  Neurosurgery,  Innovations,  Digital technologies,  Efficiency of surgical intervention
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