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The wonder of Singapore: the majority of the CARDIOMETRY’s readers come from Singapore! (Open Letter to the Singapore’s Medical Doctors and Experts)

One of the traditions of our Journal is to devote our Editorial Statements to outstanding, internationally recognized, scientists, who have made their great contribution to progress in the global science. The current issue thereof supports this tradition, but however we would like to report not on one scientist or researcher, but on a cohort of experts. According to our visiting statistics data, we can trace visitors from different countries throughout the world, and today our readership covers 178 countries. Some countries have many readers, while in other countries we can find rare visitors only. In this connection it should be noted that since summer this year we have recorded a 100-fold increase in the number of readers from Singapore (!), and this trend has been maintaining nowadays. We do very much hope that our colleagues from the Singapore Heart Foundation will show their interest in reports and papers published in our Journal.

Taking into account the fact that our Journal is focused on CARDIOMETRY as a new science, capable of dictating the most advanced trends in international cardiology, we believe that it is precisely Singapore, which can become a leader to successfully apply CARDIOMETRY in practice. It is very important that there is a keen interest in Cardiometry as a new science, definitely displayed by the Singapore’s scientific community, and we think it would be an ideal place, where we could introduce together this future-targeted technology with highest effectiveness.

Actually, the CARDIOMETRY technology and techniques are easily applicable, and its effectiveness is immense. This can result in a reduction of mortality rate in cardiac patients by more than 80% (!). Quality of life in this sort of patients can be improved, too. It is possible to prolong the life span and achieve the longevity of 90+. The only requirement is to train medical doctors in using this noninvasive technology, and we as the developers of this scientific technology are prepared to render assistance in training therein.

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