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Smart monitoring, management and control of Blood bank Management System using IoT

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An emergency system that directs the quick accessibility and availability of blood and delivery is entitled in a blood donation center. There exists a high demand for blood as a life saver in case of emergencies and the primary purpose of these blood donation centers meant to supply blood to the needy people. The unavailability of donor at the correct time is the foremost issue met by several people in case of emergencies. In our work, a group of people with data about their blood group and other details are made as a software for easy access. An application software has been developed where the Blood donation centers can inform about the Blood Stock and supply to people at urgent times. Since there are several steps involved in donating blood manually, the reliability and precision will be less. The proposed automatic blood bank system has been planned and developed into sector which involves sensors like temperature sensor, IR sensor, GSM module interfaced with Arduino Mega. Subsequent sector comprises of Wi-Fi module for files transference to administrator and third sector has been designed to monitor the position of existing blood stock. Entirely the web page designed narrates the obtainable blood stock in the blood bank which will be displayed on web page, so that the needy person can acquire required blood group from neighboring blood donation center.


M.Joly, Kavitha S, Arun Pradeep Smart monitoring, management and control of Blood bank Management System using IoT. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:


Emergency system,  Smart monitoring,  IOT
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