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Simple spectrophotometric assay for doxycycline drug in their pure form by using Enzymatic approaches

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Enzymes are biological catalysts (as well referred as biocatalysts) that assist live organisms speed up biochemical reactions. They can be separated from cells and cells. A wide spectrum of catalysts are involved to catalyze. of economically relevant techniques were applied. The current project aims to create a new spectroscopic method for measuring doxycycline in large amounts and in pharmaceutical form. The proposed approach involves oxidizing doxycycline with 2-aminophenol in the existence of hydrogen peroxide as well as the enzyme peroxidase to create a brightly colored molecule with an absorbance values of 408 nm. To achieve the highest color intensity, the reaction conditions are tuned. It was discovered that as the concentration of doxycycline was raised, the absorbance increased linearly. In the range (2-40 µg / mL), systems conform with Beer's law. The coefficients of correlation were found to be 0.9994. According to calculations, Sandal sensitivity is 0.00076 g/cm2.The analysis and recovery studies of these approaches were statistically validated. Pharmaceutical preparations are subjected to the technique. 0.047 is the percentage of relative standard deviations. Recovery studies were used to assess the accuracy, which revealed that are were99.66,99.5and 100.62. The usual excipients included in pharmaceutical formulations did not cause any interference. The established procedures are sensitive, simple, additionally repeatable, as well can be utilized for routine doxycycline analysis in various pharmacological dosage forms.


Furqan Kifah Kadhim Al-Fatlawi, Mohauman Mohammad Majeed Al-Rufaie2, Ali Mejbel.M.Alkhafaji Simple spectrophotometric assay for doxycycline drug in their pure form by using Enzymatic approaches. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:


Catalysts,  Spectrophotometric,  Doxycycline,  Enzymatic
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