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Optimized Prediction of Melanoma Using Machine Learning

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Life span of an average person at present is 60 to 75 years but lot of people are expiring due to accidents or because of the health issues they have. One of the main health issues that people are experiencing is skin cancer, it will give only five-year life to the people who are suffering from skin cancer. 5 years’ life we can’t live at our satisfaction people also need regular diagnosis to make their five years of life. Not every person dying because of the skin cancer, only the person who are unaware of their situation are one facing serious problems, so to overcome this problem we are making a machine learning model that makes use of pictures to predict the actual problem of the person.


V. Sharmila, P. Ezhumalai Optimized Prediction of Melanoma Using Machine Learning. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:


Machine learning,  Melanoma,  Deep learning,  SVM
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