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Music therapy on cancer related fatigue, quality of sleep and anxiety

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OBJECTIVES: Cancer is second most serious health problem and leading cause of death . Many treatment options for cancer includes surgery, chemo -therapy, radiation therapy and music therapy, hormonal therapy. Music therapy in oncology is very beneficial to patients and used to reduce the symptoms of cancer and supports the palliative cancer care. Hence effect of Music therapy on the reduction of fatigue , anxiety levels and improving quality of sleep for cancer patients were assessed. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of music therapy on cancer related Fatigue, quality of sleep and anxiety among cancer patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A quantitative approach, Randomized control trial was used among 60 cancer patients visiting the outpatients and inpatients by probability simple random sampling technique. Cancer patients were randomly selected and allocated to experimental group and control group. Structured interview schedule stools, that is socio demographic variables, clinical variables, standardized fatigue scale, Hamilton anxiety rating scale and Pittsburgh sleep quality index scale were used. The experimental group (N = 30) were subjected to music therapy and control group (N = 30) were not exposed. Data analysis was performed using statistical package for the social sciences version 20. RESULTS: The study findings revealed that the mean score of cancer related fatigue, Quality of sleep and Anxiety during pre test was 50.13,57.35 , 42.07 in experimental group and 52.2, 59.53 , 44.47 in control group respectively. Similarly Post test mean score was 35.37, 34 , 20.93 in experimental group and 54.53,57.1, 46.01 in control group respectively. The Paired t test P value was < 0.001 in post test which was highly statistically significant at


Music therapy,  Cancer related fatigue,  Anxiety,  Quality of sleep,  Cancer patients
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