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Evaluation of Neck Pain and Posture of Cervical Spine among Helmet Users Riding Motor Bike

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Background: Helmet use is become mandatory by the Indian govt. in the year of 2016. After the helmet law the prevalence of helmet users increased up to 80%. Other 20% populations refused to wear helmet while riding due their own reasons such as some founds wearing of helmet causing suffocating, heaviness over neck muscles or some feels headache too. Among various postural disorders, forward head posture (FHP) has found to be commonest. It occurs when position of the head is forward to a plumb line passing over the centre of gravity. The good posture could be present, as the external auditory meatus allied with the plumb line. FHP can be assessed by using various assessment methods and Cranio-vertebral angle (CVA) method is highly reliable method to measure FHP, which indicates smaller the angle greater the FHP. The aim of the study was to evaluate the postural changes in cervical spine and presence of neck pain among helmet users riding motor bike. Method Total 300 subjects participated in the study and were assessed by self- made questionnaire, out of which 260(Male= 189, Female= 71) subjects were taken in the study as they were fulfilling the inclusion criteria. Then dividing them into two groups based on complaining of pain on neck (with neck pain and without neck pain) using Numeric pain rating scale (NPRS). CVA was measured using MB-Ruler software for both the groups. Result The results shows CVA has a significant correlation with helmet weight (p value=0.000), BMI (p value=0.04), years of riding (p value=0.037) and days of riding per week (p value=0.031). NPRS showed to have significant correlation with helmet weight (p value=0.046) and weight of the bag (p value=0.012). 45% of study populations were having FHP and 66% populations were having neck pain. Conclusion The study concludes that helmet weight has significant impact on both neck pain and forward head posture. The incidence rate of forward head posture was greater among with neck pain populations.


Pallabi Baruah, Jincy Samuel Evaluation of Neck Pain and Posture of Cervical Spine among Helmet Users Riding Motor Bike. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:


Neck pain,  posture,  atlanto-occipital joint,  atlanto-axial joint.
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