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Effectiveness of awareness video on knowledge, attitude and practice regarding infection control measures among housekeeping employees in teritary care hospital at Puducherry

* Corresponding author

[email protected]


Introduction: The prevalence of Hospital acquired infections (HAI) varies widely across the globe. Worldwide, it is estimated that almost 10% of the hospitalized patients acquire at least one HAI. House keeping employees are at high risk of being infected and also, they serves as a tool of spreading infection and also most of them lack in knowledge and practice of infection control measures. Hence a study was planned to evaluate the effectiveness of awareness vedio on infection control measures among house keeping employees at selected hospital, Puducherry.. Methodology: Sixty samples who fit into the inclusion criteria were selected by Simple random Sampling technique. 30 minutes of Awareness video on infection control practices shown to house keeping employees followed by assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice and the differences were noted. The effectiveness of statistically tested by paired t test Result: In evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice the improvement score was statistically tested by paired t- test which was found to be highly statistically significant at p


Awareness,  Knowledge,  Attitude,  Practice,  House Keeping Employees,  Infection Control
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