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Effect of Motor Control Based Shoulder Retraining Exercises on Supraspinatus Impingement

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Background: Supraspinatus muscle impingement is a condition in which the muscle gets impinged in the articulating surfaces of the shoulder. The musculoskeletal dysfunction affects the region under acromion, its bursa, the tendon part of the supraspinatus gets affected by this musculoskeletal dysfunction. Methods Young male Individuals consisting of 40 numbers complaining of shoulder impingement symptoms were selected under the inclusion and exclusion criteria under which the individuals were allotted into two (Control Group A and Experimental Group B), each consisting of 20. They then underwent initial pre-intervention test with SPADI questionnaire and ROM assessment. The individuals then were given the assigned intervention. Results and Interpretation The analysis predicted that shoulder retaining exercises based on motor control is significant. Conclusion Motor control retraining exercise was proved highly effective than conventional exercises in alleviation of pain and increasing shoulder ROM and functional capability of supraspinatus impingement.


Geobin J Luke, V Kalidasan Effect of Motor Control Based Shoulder Retraining Exercises on Supraspinatus Impingement. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:


Supraspinatus Impingement,  Shoulder Retraining,  SPADI,  ROM
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