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Modern diagnostic methods in oncogastroenterology

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Diagnostic procedures occupy a special place in the activities of medical specialists, since the accuracy and timeliness of their implementation depends on the determination of the patient's treatment package, as well as the prognosis of the course of the disease. In the modern period, innovative technologies come to the aid of doctors, one of which is artificial intelligence. Along with other areas of medicine, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is widely used in oncogastroenterology and is used in the process of diagnosis, prediction and image analysis. AI makes it possible to determine with high accuracy the features of the diagnosed pathology and, accordingly, to develop the most effective strategy for the treatment of the patient. The future of oncogastroenterology is based, without a doubt, precisely on the results of high-precision diagnostics, since advanced methods of treating cancer patients can give a significant effect precisely at the early stages of the development of this disease. For this reason, the appeal to AI as an indispensable assistant to diagnosticians in the future should be widely implemented at all levels of polyclinic and inpatient oncological care to the population.


Gabriel R. Pogosov, Guseyn G. Osmanov, Elizaveta R. Ivanova, Nona T. Mardanyan, Liliana R. Avetisyan Modern diagnostic methods in oncogastroenterology. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.127-132; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2023.26.127132; Available from:


Oncology,  Gastroenterology,  Diagnostics,  Modern methods,  Artificial intelligence
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