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Do Сovid-19 vaccines cause shoulder injuries: a survey among health care providers at Najran University hospital

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Background: Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA) is a rare but serious side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine. The incidence of SIRVA among healthcare providers is not well understood. Aim: To investigate the incidence of SIRVA among healthcare providers working at a National University Hospital in Saudi Arabia and to assess their knowledge of SIRVA. Methodology: A cross-sectional online survey was distributed to all licensed healthcare providers currently employed by the National University Hospital. The survey collected information on personal, professional, and demographic characteristics, as well as symptoms and experiences related to SIRVA. Results: Of the 81 participants, 69.1% reported experiencing pain in their shoulder after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, with 50% rating their pain as average (4-6 on a scale of 1-10) and 41.1% rating their pain as severe (7-10). Only 4.9% of participants reported visiting an orthopedic clinic for SIRVA and 76.5% did not receive treatment for their symptoms. A majority of participants (58%) believed that SIRVA occurs when the vaccine is injected too high up on the upper arm, with 34.6% believing it occurs in the middle of the upper arm and 7.4% believing it occurs too low down on the upper arm. It was also found that only 14.3% of participants were able to correctly identify the cause of SIRVA as accidental injection into the subdeltoid bursa. Additionally, a majority of participants believed that SIRVA is a rare condition (49.4%), and only a small percentage had received training about SIRVA (5.9%). Conclusions: These findings indicate a significant incidence of SIRVA among healthcare providers working at the National University Hospital and highlight the need for increased education and awareness about SIRVA among healthcare providers, as well as proper training in injection techniques to reduce the incidence of SIRVA.


Wael Mohammed Alzahrani. Do Сovid-19 Vaccines Cause Shoulder Injuries: A Survey Among Health Care Providers at Najran University Hospital. Cardiometry; Issue No. 26; February 2023; p. 168-176; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2023.26.168176; Available from:


COVID-19,  Vaccination,  Shoulder injury,  SIRVA,  Saudi Arabia
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