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A case series on Treatment of Secondary Amenorrhea cases with Soothaga thadai kudineer - a Siddha Herbal Decoction

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Background: Secondary amenorrhea is an absence of menstrual bleeding in a woman in her reproductive period for consecutive three or more months except the periods of pregnancy, lactation (production of breast milk), under contraceptives (birth control) or menopause. It could be noted in 1 of 15 women during their reproductive period. The objective of the present study is to find the efficacy of Soothaga thadai kudineer a Siddha herbal preparation in the management of secondary amenorrhea. Methods: Study was conducted among the college students of Sri Sairam Siddha medical college and research centre (10 students) with the administration of above mentioned kudineer, for three days 165ml once a day. Results were observed and noted. Results: Administration of Soothaga thadai kudineer was found to be more effective in the treatment of secondary amenorrhea. In this study, we have noticed that 5 of the subjects attained pre-menstrual symptoms and other 5 showed positive results of menstruation with the free flow. Friedman test analysis, it reveals the Mean rank is high for Lower abdominal pain (5.95) followed by Back pain (4.55). Conclusion: This study reveals the positive effect of Soothaga thadai kudineer in the secondary amenorrhea and it can be prescribed as a medicine in the treatment of various gynaecological disorders which have secondary amenorrhea as a symptom. Further evaluation is needed.


Subhashini R., Priyanka R., Selva Saravanan V.G., Sathish Adithya.R, Amirtharaj D, S. Mathukumar A case series on Treatment of Secondary Amenorrhea cases with Soothaga thadai kudineer - a Siddha Herbal Decoction. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:


Case Series,  Siddha,  Clinical study,  Soothaga thadai kudineer,  Secondary amenorrhea
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