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Awareness, Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Usage of Open Access Scholarly Publishing among Faculty

* Corresponding author

[email protected]


Introduction: Information and communication technologies has brought innovation to scholarly publishing. Now, open access is a subject of much concern among academics and are important sources for scientific research and development. Despite the benefits of open access, faculty are still unaware of the usage of open access. Methods and materials: A descriptive correlational study among 100 nursing facultywas conducted using a rating scale on awareness of open access in scholarly publishing and perceived benefits and constraint factors to effective use of open access through the self-administration method. Data was analyzed using SPSS-24. Results: Therewasa significant difference in the mean awareness scores on open access scholarly publications between undergraduate(29+5.93) andpostgraduatefaculty(37+6.26)at (p


Open Access,  scholarly publishing,  Awareness,  Nursing faculty.
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