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Adhesive phytoadaptogens-geroprotectors in preventive oncology

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At the current stage of medical science development there is significant knowledge about various disorders in the tumor process (expression of oncogenes and cytokines, factors of apoptosis, drug resistance, angiogenesis, deficiency of immunoreactivity, etc.). Many of the identified features of the tumor cell are trying to be used as targets for anticancer therapy. However, it is problematic to consider these numerous “details” of the characteristics of a tumor cell as targets for anticancer therapy. This is due to the fact that they do not have a key or independent significance in the appearance of a tumor cell, although they can work in experimental animal models under certain conditions and with prolonged therapy, which at times has little relation to humans.


O.A. Bocharova, R.V. Karpova, E.V. Bocharov, A.A. Aksyonov, T.L. Chekalina, S.V. Chulkova, N.S. Ionov, I.V. Kazeev, M.A.Lyzhenkova, A.A. Vershinskaya, V.G. Kucheryanu, V.S. Kosorukov. Adhesive phytoadaptogens-geroprotectors in preventive oncology. Cardiometry; Issue 26; February 2023; p.55-68; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2023.26.5568; Available from:

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