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Salivary cortisol response developed in Patients undergoing Dental treatment


Aims and objective: The stress control is essential in patients to elude the loss of motivation for Dental procedures .The present study was conducted to estimate salivary cortisol response to stress developed in patients undergoing Dental treatment Methodology : 36 patients had their salivary cortisol levels measured; 30 of them were in the study group and had had root canal, apicoectomy, tooth preparation, and impression-making procedures for the fixed prosthesis. Six of the patients were healthy individuals who didn't need any dental treatment.The groups demarcated were as follows . Group 1: Control group with no treatment and just the saliva sample was taken. Group 2 ; The patients undergone access opening, Biomechanical preparation and obturation Group 3 ; The patients undergone apicoectomy procedure Group 4 ; The patients undergone tooth preparation and impression making for fixed prosthesis . The salivary cortisol levels were evaluated using Salivary Cortisol Enzyme Immunoassay Kit. Results : The salivary cortisol level was highest in Group 3,followed by Group 2 ,Group 4 and least in Group 1. Conclusion The stress level was lowest in healthy patient and highest when patient underwent apicoectomy procedure in appointment.


SUMIT SINGH PHUKELA, TANIYA MALHOTRA. Salivary cortisol response developed in Patients undergoing Dental treatment. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.1307-1310; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.13071310; Available from:


Anxiety,   Dental Treatment ,   Salivary Cortisol Enzyme Immunoassay Kit,  Salivary Cortisol Level
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