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Physico-chemical parameters of mixed saliva and their correction in patients in the post-COVID period

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In patients in the post-COVID period, there is a decrease in the functional activity of the salivary glands. In general, in patients who underwent COVID-19, basal secretion was reduced by 19.51% (P≤0,05); secretion stimulated by chewing - by 31.67% (P≤0.01) and secretion stimulated by acid - by 29.60% (P≤0.01). In this study, the physicochemical parameters of mixed saliva and the effectiveness of their complex therapy in patients in the post-COVID period were evaluated. In patients who have undergone COVID-19, a decrease in the rate of salivation, an increase in rheological properties (surface tension and viscosity), and a decrease in the buffering capacity of saliva are recorded. The established pathological changes in the composition and properties of the oral fluid are the cause of the deterioration of the dental status in this group of patients. It has been proven that the use of vitamin C and zinc in the form of zinc gluconate increases the rate of salivation, normalizes the rheological properties and buffering capacity of saliva.


Jasur Alimdjanovich Rizaev, Olga Bekjanova Yesenevna, Maira Taitoleuovna Kopbayeva, Visola Raimovna Kayumova, Elyor Alimdjanovich Rizaev, Bakhyt Aimyrzaevna Omarova. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PARAMETERS OF MIXED SALIVA AND THEIR CORRECTION IN PATIENTS IN THE POST-COVID PERIOD. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.1168-1173; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.11681173; Available from:


COVID-19,  хerostomia,  salivary glands,  zinc
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