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Pesticide contamination and influence of various processing factors on pesticide residues in tea – an integrative approach

* Corresponding author

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Thesecond most commonly consumed beverage in the worldis tea. Various forms of tea are destroyed and reported to show tremendous potential use in human health after consumption. Contamination of tea with pesticide residues is a constant concern from a human health point of view. This integrative review aims to evaluate pesticide residues in market tea samples and understand the behavior of pesticides while undergoing various manufacturing processes. Appropriate databases and search terms were used to conduct the literature search, and it was restricted to original research articles only. About 1406 articles were found from the primary search. However, after thorough streamlining, only 24 studies were included in the review. The monitoring studies conducted in the past decade highlighted the matter of concern. Further, the behavior of pesticide residues was explored under three main stages, including pesticides during the cropping period, manufacturing, and infusion. Various factors were identified which can degrade the residual concentrations of pesticides in tea. The articles also attenuate few suggestive measures which can pilot pesticide degradation. The attention was drawn to farmers, manufacturing unit workers, and consumers who can effectively control the pesticide residues in the final product of tea. However, the review also noted the scarcity of research conducted on this food commodity and suggested periodic monitoring.


Ramakrishna V Ungarala, Srujana Medithi. PESTICIDE CONTAMINATION AND INFLUENCE OF VARIOUS PROCESSING FACTORS ON PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN TEA – AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.342-349; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.342349; Available from:


Pesticides,  Tea,  Contamination,  Residues,  Processing factors,  Integrative approach
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