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Persisting misogyny: a gendered analysis of online harassment of indian content creators on instagram and its impact on mental health

* Corresponding author

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As the digital medium increasingly becomes an irreplaceable part of life for people, trolling is on the rise too. The anonymity provided by the digital platform helps trolls abuse and harass an online content creator. This study attempts to study the patterns of trolling faced by online content creators in India. The analysis of trolling comments reveals deep-rooted misogyny in trolls' minds, with women being subjected to demeaning abuses that are sexual. The study also discusses what effect trolling has on content creators' mental health and how they negotiate with it.With social networking use spreading through the daily lives of the bulk of the world's population, it's becoming more critical than ever to comprehend a user's interaction with these new-age multimedia networks and recognize the degree and sort of effect these sites can have on a user's behavior in both personal and professional settings. The answers of the participants offer insight into various viewpoints on social media use, with a focus on the Instagram website. According to the results of this report, New Zealand females have not substantially modified their social media behavior habits, but have refined their use in a way that now supports their personal and professional lives.


Praveen Tewari, Sneha Mehendale. PERSISTING MISOGYNY: A GENDERED ANALYSIS OF ONLINE HARASSMENT OF INDIAN CONTENT CREATORS ON INSTAGRAM AND ITS IMPACT ON MENTAL HEALTH. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.493-501; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.493501; Available from:


Instagram,  Misogyny,  Online Harassment,  Trolling,  Social Media
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