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Medical specialists’ perception about adoption of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous potential applications in the healthcare sector. These applications vary from its use in quicker disease diagnosis to its assistance for efficiently dealing with pandemic situations. Many countries have successfully laid out their strategy for the effective implementation of AI. However, several developing countries are still working on their plan to increase the penetration of AI in various fields, including healthcare, to harness AI's potential benefits. The research objective is to understand the perception of Medical Specialists about using AI by identifying significant factors that impact their adoption of AI to perform medical tasks. Several medical specialists were surveyed based on five factors taken from 2 popular technology adoption models- UTAUT2 and TAM2. The data analysis on the collected responses (N=111) was done using PLS-SEM. Based on the analysis results, two factors, namely- Facilitating Conditions and Performance Expectancy, are found to positively impact medical specialists' behavioral intention to adopt AI in their professional life. Decision-makers of developing countries can take appropriate measures based on identified two significant factors to boost AI healttocations' adoption in their country to solve existing healthcare problems and improve the quality of healthcare services.


Bhumi Thakkar, Vijayakumar Bharathi S. Medical Specialists’ Perception About Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Sector. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.426-434; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.426434; Available from:


Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Technology adoption,  UTAUT2,  TAM2,  Healthcare,  Doctors,  Medical Specialists,  PLS-SEM
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