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Main trends in development and law regulation of electronic health in the european union

* Corresponding author

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The relevance of this research work lies in the fact that at present the EU policy standards are aimed at creating an ecosystem of digital (electronic) healthcare (eHealth). Digital medicine resources can radically transform healthcare, providing effective medical care, and improving diagnostics/treatment/rehabilitation methods.


The aim of this article is to identify the main trends in the development and regulation of eHealth in the EU.


A comprehensive review of trends and an analysis of key areas of digital health development in the EU based on the application of comparative law studies.

The practical significance

The practical significance of the article is to identify some existing specific difficulties in the EU digital health infrastructure: those in their policy, those in accordance with regulatory requirements, in cybersecurity and exclusive rights to medical (personal) data, in the compatibility of national digital health platforms across Europe, in the principles of medical information handling, in digital therapy etc.


Digital health in the EU is an area with an increased activity. In the EU, a common digital market is emerging, including digital health services within digital health, facilitated by the regulation and standardization of electronic prescriptions, patient data protection, digital identity and information security. The European digital health infrastructure, along with its achievements, is experiencing some difficulties, obsolete health regulations among them. At the same time, new approaches are now required to focus on digital tools and resources in order to provide full intelligent automation.


Sergey M. Grishin, Stanislav V. Odintsov. Main trends in development and law regulation of electronic health in the european union. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.25-30; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.2530; Available from:


eHealth,  Artificial Intelligence,  Telemedicine,  Electronic Health Record
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