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Knowledge and attitude regarding HPV vaccination among late adolescent girls studying in selected colleges

* Corresponding author

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in both sexes. In Spite of the vaccines which are highly immunogenic, safe, well tolerated and highly effective in preventing HPV infection the interest shown to receive the vaccine is least. The major reason is the lack of awareness and knowledge about HPV, vaccines and cervical cancer among people resulting in only a small number of immunizations being reported. The investigators decided to know the vaccination knowledge and attitude on their own settings and conducted a study.


To determine the knowledge and attitude regarding HPV vaccination among late adolescent girls


A Descriptive Research Design was adapted in this study. The study was conducted among First year undergraduate female students studying in the following colleges Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and Optometry of Sri Ramachandra University. Non Probability Convenience Sampling Technique was used to select the samples during the study period. Demographic Variables consist of Age, Year of study, previous knowledge on HPV Vaccination, Immunization History. PART II- Section A: Structured Knowledge questionnaire on HPV Vaccination.


Out of 122 participants 68% of students have heard about HPV vaccine and 32% of students have not heard about HPV vaccine. 10.7% of the students have received HPV vaccination and 89.3% of the students have not received HPV vaccination; among 89.3% who have not received HPV vaccine, only 60.6% are willing to receive HPV vaccine in future and 28.6% are not willing to receive HPV vaccine in future. The study revealed that 51% had inadequate knowledge and 49% of students had moderately adequate knowledge on HPV vaccination.


The study results concluded that the majority of adolescents require the knowledge of human papillomavirus vaccination. The urge of vaccination needs to be inculcated among adolescents through educational institutions.


D. Geetha, Anita David, Janet Maria, Praiselin Saro Blessy, Abinaya R., Shebna Mephaath. Knowledge and attitude regarding HPV vaccination among late adolescent girls studying in selected colleges. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.276-279; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.276279; Available from:

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